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Building Your Super Including SMSF #

Superannuation generally forms a large part of a person’s retirement income.  It’s your investment, your money.  Regardless of age, we recommend being active in managing your super.  Starting early will normally have a greater impact on the final investment balance and your retirement lifestyle.

Are you on track?

The results are often surprising.  Many realise that without a strategy they will fall short of their target.  Passive income generated from investments is often preferable to income derived from personal labour.  Will the projected income from your super investments allow you to have work choices?  Will it allow you to enjoy your chosen retirement lifestyle including health care?

Superannuation is usually a key factor in a person achieving their desired retirement lifestyle.  Which is best?  An industry or retail fund, or perhaps a SMSF?  There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to that question.  Each person’s circumstances and needs vary considerably and it may not suit you.  However, a SMSF may result in lower administration costs and have investment choices that are not available in another type of fund.  We recommend you explore all options before deciding. #

Talk to me today about getting your superannuation on track so you can choose when you stop work and live life on your own terms.

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