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business growth strategies

2-Day Workshop for Business Owners

You may be frustrated or struggling to get to the next level of growth and/or profitability. Life is much easier and less stressful with a streamlined, profitable and growing business. Improving profit and sustaining business growth requires proactive business growth strategies. Creating a foundation takes more than a one hour ‘catch-up’ or quick planning session with your advisor or accountant. You need an advisor who understands more than just the numbers. One experienced with growing sustainable, profitable businesses. The ‘Turbocharge Your Business’ workshop is the launch pad.

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to drive your business forward.

“Transform your business from ordinary to extraordinary…”

Do you

Feel trapped working in your business?
Want to grow or scale up?
Have irregular/poor cashflow?
Suffer low profitability & growth?
Lack or need better productivity?


How to control your business
Have consistent cashflow/profits
Easy growth strategies that work
Ways to boost productivity
Business success techniques

Workshop overview and highlights

I’ve had more than 30 years’ experience helping business owners as a business advisor
and mentor, accountant, tax agent and superannuation advisor.

Having owned, operated and sold successful businesses I’ll show you:

– The skills to operate your own successful and profitable business.
– How to run the business on your own terms.
– How to reclaim your joy and passion for being in business.
– Workable business growth strategies to improve cashflow and profitability.

– Leadership skills to enhance your business and engage your team.

BONUS: Pre-workshop 30 Minute “Kick-Start” Phone or Video Meeting with David Le Sueur.

Day 1 Benefits

 Defining your business journey
 Reaching your ideal client
 Mindset makeover
Succession/exit planning
 The numbers that really matter
Building a strong business
Avoiding the ‘weapons of mass distraction

Day 2 Benefits

 Building a ‘Herd’
‘Cash is King’ – Cashflow v’s profit
The 3 p’s – People, Process & Product (service)
Strong leadership skills
Change management process

Monetise 7 leverage
Marketing & lead generation



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To be confirmed


business growth strategies

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If on completion of the workshop you don’t believe implementing the strategies learned will add value to your business, we will refund you.