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P.E.A.K Launch & Acceleration

Do you have a dream of starting a business?  You may have a great idea and are confident it can be successful but you don’t know where to start.  You may also wonder, ‘is now the right time’?

An overabundance of information on the internet can raise more questions than it answers.  How will I know if the information is relevant to my circumstances?

 – What sort of business structure do I need?  A company, trust or sole trader?
 – Do I need a business name?
 – What about tax, GST and an ABN?
 – What sort of software is right for my business?
 – How do I pay myself, my employees?

I believe the more important questions are:
 – Is there a way of ensuring I get the best start?
 – Is there someone highly experienced in these matters who can guide and mentor me?

The answer is yes!  I’m a successful entrepreneur, business advisor, mentor, speaker and accountant with over 30 years’ experience.  I have developed a specialised program just for business start-ups;

‘P.E.A.K Launch and Acceleration’.

As it suggests the program has two specific elements:

Business Launch:  A specialised program that covers all issues associated with getting your business off the ground and market ready.

Business Acceleration:  Fast-tracking business growth isn’t difficult when you have the right systems, processes and strategies.  The business acceleration program is designed to equip you with the skills and techniques for controlled and sustained business growth.

To book a no obligation, no cost meeting please click here:  P.E.A.K Ignition