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Individuals – ‘Private Tax Advisor’

Individuals can take advantage of P.E.A.K’s ‘Private Tax Advisory Service’.

I offer much more than simply ‘doing your tax’.  Along with completion of your general tax affairs, as your private tax advisor you have access to one-on-one tax advice, personalised tax-planning strategies, review of tax-effective investments, annual tax-planning review.  Above all you have exclusive access to the ‘P.E.A.K Advisory Network’.

A strategy review may include tax minimisation, tax-effective investments such as rental properties and negative gearing, capital gains tax minimisation and more.  I am a registered tax agent and licensed superannuation advisor with over 30 years’ experience.

I only work with a limited number of individual clients at any one time.  To find out more about the Private Tax Advisory Service and the P.E.A.K Advisory Network click below:

Private Tax Advisory The P.E.A.K Advisory Network